Mirrors added as supplemental mirrors to vehicles offered by mirror manufacturers use the single rate of curvature mirror which always produces objects that are smaller than the object viewed resulting in confusion to the operator as to the location of the object in relation to the operator of the vehicle. This confusion is many times referred to as distortion. Our goal at M-C North America Inc. was to design a spot mirror glass that could produce the wider view while at the same time eliminating the distortion found by providing a wider view without image size being reduced. The end result was the M-C Glass Technology that produced a mirror glass that was so unique it has been granted a US Patent (No. 8,172,411).

Following  photo  illustrates the respective size of images produced by our technology in an 8 x 8 piece of our glass as compared to the size of images produced by the standard 8 inch convex mirror:

Note the size of the tree and the person taking the picture in both mirrors. The reduction of the image presented by the standard convex mirror precludes the operator of the vehicle from making sound decisions as to exactly where the object is, in relation to the operator’s vehicle. With the reduced image size mental calculations, guesses, or the operator is left with trying to find a benchmark or some other object to place the location of the object before making maneuvers with the operator’ vehicle that could come in conflict with the object viewed. During the time this mental calculation is taking place the operator many times has his eyes off the road ahead and possible upcoming vehicles.

With M-C Glass, we can develop an entire mirror system or a separate spot mirror for any type of vehicle.Some examples illustrate the clarity and field of view we can provide, on actual vehicles:

Mine/Quarry truck mirror size 381 by 635mm (15 by25 inches).ages produced by the standard 8 inch convex mirror:

Spot mirror mounted on front fender of cement truck 203.2 by 203.2mm (8 by 8 inches).

If you are not satisfied with your current mirrors contact us and we will work with you to tailor a mirror system for your vehicles that works. We do not just sell mirrors, we sell solutions.

Richard T. Ince
VP Safety
M-C North America Inc.

Jason Enrique
Safety Director
M-C North America Inc.